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Jacques Lacan & Sigmund Freud

Last Updated: 09/05/2017

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Welcome to The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research

The Centre's activities include psychoanalytic training, psychoanalytic courses and study groups, a public seminar programme, a clinical service including a low cost clinic, the annual publication of our journal JCFAR and an online web journal offering free articles and transcriptions.

Membership of CFAR gives registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). CFAR is a UKCP registered training organisation which is authorised to accredit psychoanalysts.

If you would like to contact one of our psychoanalysts, details can be found on the Analysts of the Centre page

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CFAR Conference 2017 - Why can't we Sleep?
Freud and Lacan The Fundamentals of Pyschoanalysis - an introductory course 2013-2014 Introductory Course
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